The largest ski resort in Bulgaria

Resort Pamporovo is the largest ski resort in Bulgaria

Located inside the Rhodope Mountains at 1650 m altitude at the foot of Mount Snow. Located in the municipality of Smolyan and Chepelare municipality about 260 km from Sofia, 85 km south of Plovdiv, 15 km north of Smolyan and 10 km south of Chepelare.

The climate of Pamporovo is characterized by mild winters, which has over 100 sunny days. The resort ranks first on sunny days among all mountain resorts in Bulgaria. The average annual temperature is 5.5 ° C. Pamporovo is very suitable for the development of skiing and is recognized by several international organizations, including the Neilson Active Holidays, the best resort in Europe for beginners with the best ski school in Pamporovo AD for the 2010/11 season. The main tourist flow during the winter months. Almost all ski slopes in the resort start from Mount Snow, their altitude of 1926 m to 1400 m. Snow Peak e part of a hundred tourist sites of the Bulgarian Tourist Union, the seal is in the hut “Studenets”.

The tourist season starts in December and lasts until the end of April. Because of the beautiful nature area is visited by tourists during the summer months. The latest project of the resort newly opened bike park for mountain biking Velo Park PamporovoIt was officially opened in the summer of 2012 and quickly managed to become one of the leading bike destinations in Bulgaria. The park has a total of five specialized and differentiated paths and mountain biking routes with a total length of 20 km, suitable for all ages and skills. The tracks are filled with various obstacles and interactive play, as kickers, jumps, various wooden structures, unique in Bulgaria and marked routes with different levels of difficulty, aimed at cross country discipline.

Ski slopes

The ski runs in Pamporovo are with different levels of difficulty from green – suitable for beginners to black – a real challenge for professionals. Their total length is 37 kilometers. The resort is especially suitable for skiing. The route has a total length of 25 kilometers. and passes through scenic areas of Pamporovo to. Mugla and vice versa. The most numerous are slopes for beginners green and blue. About 90% of the slopes are equipped with artificial snow, steady snow cover in winter, despite the relatively low altitude.

Pamporovo ski area is equipped with a 145 number hydrant pits, on which can be mounted snow guns and the number of functioning 80 snow cannons, as yet their number has increased steadily each year. Also, there are trails for cross country skiing and biathlon and sport shooting in the area of the dam. Capacity lifts and ski lifts is 7,000 persons per hour. The resort has several ski schools that offer high-level training in skiing and snowboarding for all levels.

If you do not own, you can rent ski or snowboard in any of the fifty ski wardrobe in Pamporovo. The current state of the slopes and prices for use of the equipment can be found on the website of the resort Pamporovo. Also maps for equipment can be purchased already and on-line through the website.